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UNDCA goal is to demystify and decode advocacy by equipping society with knowledge and tools. We help communities become assertive to pursue and promote active engagement in a progression by giving the confidence to advocate effectively. Innovations are driven by risk-takers. Part of UNDCA’s role in Innovation is to provide the space for Leadership to develop and test their ideas. And it turns out that sometimes these are not just leaders, but entire programs!

With a great team evaluating the impacts of expanding the use of community-based alternatives to society’s participation, We’re also mobilizing public and clinical health practitioners to join in this great cause.

Social justice advocacy has been defined as systematized efforts aimed at influencing public attitudes, policies, and laws to create a more socially just society guided by the vision of human rights that may include awareness of socio-economic inequities, protection of social rights as well as human identity, experiences of oppression, and spirituality. Social justice advocacy has been relatively uncommon in the United States in the last three decades.

As a community Institution, UNDCA will support our society of Students, Parents, and any Individual for social change and human rights consistent.

UNDCA is your partner in building better communities for all. We open doors, find answers, meet challenges and develop resources. Our approach stems from a Commission, Board and Council structure to ensure the distinct voices of all are heard. If you are interested in serving on a directive or panel, write to us at to learn more about the process.


#UNDCA in Partnership with #NATA Celebrates Mother's Day. UNDCA Executive Team Cordially Invites You, Your Family & Friends to an engaging evening.

Panel Discussion:
Mitigating Stress & Enhancing Youth Wellness. Mother’s Vital & Well Rounded Role in Creating, Nurturing a Happy & Healthy Child with Harmonious Living.

4:00 - 8:00 PM EST.
Sunday, May 27th, 2018.

Sant Nirankari Mission.
4501 Pleasant Valley Rd,
Chantilly VA 20251.

UNDCA will continue to deliver & reflect Professional content & quality In Panel Presentations from Health care Professionals, Distinguished Doctors to Subject matter experts.

Please Contact:

Sudha Kondapu
703 855 0063

Uma Yeluru
703 401 5432

Sri Phani
703 608 4394

Sri Kothuri
312 498 6979

Thank you for the support!






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*Contact: Phani*

+1 (703) 608-4394

#Youth #UNDCA Wellness Event: Teen Suicide Prevention, Stress Management, Substance Abuse & Deaddiction. UNDCA Panel Discussions, Driven by Qualified Healthcare Professionals & Subject Matter Experts.
At: TJHSST, Auditorium
Date: Saturday, April 21st.
Time: 5 PM - 8PM EST.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology.
6560 Braddock Rd, Alexandria VA 22312.

*Thank you for the support & for submitting your contact info. Pls Stay tuned for further updates.*
*#UNDCA #Youth Volunteer Signup.*

Teen suicide and Substance Abuse are preventable. Please join hands with UNDCA and volunteer to help our kids. Learn how to recognize the early signs of depression and how to combat addictions which are paralyzing our society. Hear from experts in the field of teen mental health and get the tools you need. Please join us in stamping out Teen Suicide and Substance Abuse on April 21,2018 at TJ High School, Alexandria, Virginia.

Next up is the Media messaging, both Mainstream & Regional / ethnic. Pls assist us in this area, we need to get the media to attend & cover our event. If/ when there are opportunities, pls feel free to volunteer & get on the show. Any of us could represent. And, Thank you for the support!

*UNDCA Panel for April.*
*Panel Chair: Dr Krishna*
Dr Ram, Psychiatrist
Dr Meena, Pediatrician
Dr Alidad, Sleep Medicine
Dr Abdallah, Child Cardiac
Dr Mohan, Pain Management


Dr Michael Clark - Chair of Psychiatry at Inova:
Teen suicide prevention, stress management
Dr Husam Alathari -Teen substance abuse & deaddiction.


Sam Lucania, Motivational Speaker & Fully Recovered Alcoholic.
Special Live Video Message to Team UNDCA from Isha Foundation Shri Sadh Gūřū

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*Ms Aruna Sri has been a prolific writer, apart from being a counsellor, she requests input to write to teens, pls review & Suggest accordingly:*

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